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Schiller -- Universal History

Schiller -- Solon vs. Lycurgus

The Nation State - Louis XI Universal Education Plato vs. Aristotle
Venice Venice Moves North Leibniz vs. Newton; Kepler ...
British "Free Trade" The Confederacy The American System
Ben Franklin and
the Precursors
Alexander Hamilton John Quincy Adams
Henry Clay Abraham Lincoln Henry Carey
Frederick Douglass Thaddeus Stevens James Garfield
and Others
Friedrich List The "American System" in Russia,
Japan, Ireland and China
The Leibnizian Roots of
the American Revolution
The Entente Bestiale Origins of WWI Fascism Then and Now
FDR vs. Churchill; The Post War World and Nuclear Terror The New British Empire Africa
Environmental Frauds Financial Speculation - Derivatives Dope, Inc.
Globalization The Media and Mass Culture Paradoxes
The LaRouche Economic Model Great Projects Colonizing Space
Strategic Thinking --
Great Generals
Defeat DOJ Corruption -- Exonerate LaRouche Poets, Music,
Classical Education
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